Beautiful Relationship between the best 2 souls❤️

Few years ago, there lived a boy, named horizon🌅, 5’8″ tall, Application developer, (Engineer), wheatish in complexion, tummy king🤴. One day he fell in love with a girl named ocean 🌊. 5’5″ tall, Mathematics Teacher by designation, wheatish in complexion, a slim queen👸.. previously all seemed to be one sided but as soon as both of them started to know each other their bond became stronger , they started loving each other deeply beyond ocean and beyond horizon ❤️😍.. their love was so deep that even their stars started Supporting constantly..All went great for 1 complete year and after that things got changed a bit.. Both of them got busy in their own work and got little time to hold on to each other and to share the same bond as before.. but somehow whatever you could call, seemed to be an irreplaceable one.. they both stuck to each other facing 100’s of ups and downs.. few months later they completed one more year of their annoying relationship. After this, the girl started thinking to settle her life with one and only “his king”, but his king wasn’t sure about her knowing her so well he thought that she could easily get someone who will be far , far better than him, without knowing what his queen wants 😔… She cried, she thought useless but at the end she decided to let go from mind but it was actually the worst feel for her to let him go from heart where his king had always been given a special place from being her best friend to boy friend and from boy friend to her future husband and life partner… It all ended with no one’s opinion, with no mature decision but just within a blink of an eye….

The partition of both the lovers seemed difficult, both agreed that there won’t be anyone who would be loving the way they both loved each other. Their love for each other was beyond demands, beyond any expectations , all they ever demanded in two years of relationship was a true bond with utmost loyalty☺️💛

I wish both of them give a thought and become 2 bodies one soul like before and I wish this too that they grow along each other’s side, by forgetting the past and start a new journey as before and keep a strong hold onto each other and cross all the obstacles of life, achieve high in life and live with each other as husband and wife ❤️

A true relationship crosses all difficult paths and stand tall to face everyone 💞

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